The Institute

IUWA – The Institute for Eco-Industrial Analysis


was founded in 1992 in the form of a non-profit research institute. The institute concentrates on the analysis and design of solutions to problems in the field of environmental economics, with a special focus on developing and implementing ecological programs for both individual businesses as well as intercompany Networks. These programs are based on practical and environmentally-friendly business solutions, which are developed together with our business partners.  The theoretical foundations on which these solutions are built are developed in close cooperation with the Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg. Since the analysis and solution designs of such complex environmental economic issues and problems require an interdisciplinary approach, the institute’s employees integrate their diverse backgrounds (economics, business, geographical ecology, geography, and computer science) so that complete solutions are guaranteed. In order to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between theory and practice, IUWA publishes the ecology-oriented business journal “UmweltWirtschaftsForum (uwf)” on a quarterly basis.  This year marks the 11th year of its existence.  As each issue focuses on a specific current theme, relevant topics are presented for a wide array of interested Readers and in a breadth which allows for a harmonious and complete interdisciplinary approach. Furthermore, IUWA has published the working paper series “Betriebswirtschaftlich-Ökologische Arbeiten (BÖA) [IUWA Series on Ecology-Oriented Business Administration]” since 1998.  The events and working groups led by IUWA promote the creative exchange been theory, practice, and business.