Pass- und Bewerbungsbilder

Dr. Werner Krause – Director

Email: krause <@> iuwa <.> de

Telefon: +49 (6221) 6494011

Werner Krause studied a Master’s degree in Geology before going on to complete his doctorate in the area of geoecology (dating methods/climate research) and technical business administration. He has been a research associate at IUWA since 2000 and specialises in industrial environmental and waste management, software design and industrial and domestic surveying (national/international).


Dipl.-Ing. Martin Klement – Director

Email: klement <@> iuwa <.> de

Martin Klement is a qualified engineer and has concluded the university additional courses of studies innovation management and environmental right. His main focuses lie in the operational as soon as regional material stream, energy and sustainable management and in concepts to a local / regional energy supply and a sustainable urban and regional development.

Barbara Neef – Treasurer

Email: neef <@> iuwa <.> de

Dr. Andreas Enseling

Bild Liesegang

Prof. Dr. Dietfried Günter Liesegang – Advisory board

Email: liesegang <@> iuwa <.> de

Günter Liesegang, born 1942, studied Mathematics and Physics in Cologne and Paris, with a special foucs on Geophysics. He received his PhD and then went on to become a professor at the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne in the Department of Industrial Management under Prof. T. Ellinger in the area of operations research. After taking up guest and sabbatical professorships at the universities of Aachen and Kaiserslautern as well as at the Graduate School of Management and Rutgers University, New Jersey (USA), he taught as a full professor for four years at California State University, Fresno (USA). In 1987, he was appointed Head of Department of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Heidelberg. The topic of a sustainable symbiosis of ecology and economy becomes an essential component of research and teaching. The Institute for Eco-Industrial Analyses (IUWA) that he established in 1992 is dedicated to addressing these questions in close cooperation with corporate partners. In addition, Prof Liesegang is Editor-in-Chief of the ecology-oriented quarterly business journal UmweltWirtschaftsForum (uwf), which is published by Springer.

Bild Sha

Sha Xia – Research associate

Email: xia <@> iuwa <.> de

Telefon: +49 (6221) 6494016

Ms. Xia studied German language and literature at Tongji-University and then economics at University of Heidelberg. She focuses on research about energy- and climate-related financing and pricing instruments, with the application of carbon market in China as topic of her doctoral thesis. From 2007 to 2013, Ms. Xia worked as the Sino-German Coordinator for the research project “RECAST Urumqi” of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and still maintains the established Networks.

Bild Miguel

Michael Seyboth – Technical manager IT

Email: seyboth <@> iuwa <.> de

Telefon: +49 (172) 7929990

Michael Seyboth is the IUWA contact Person for all IT-related questions. In addition to serving the internal network, he is responsible for everything that has to do with data collection, data management and data protection. He is also an expert in the programming environments Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, Delphi, RS1, Python, HTML, and Java.

Bild Lucy

Lucy Maxton – Translator and linguist

Email: maxton <@> iuwa <.> de

Telefon: +49 (6221) 6494013

Lucy Maxton studied Modern European Languages and European Union Studies at the University of Edinburgh, before going on to study a Masters in Translation Studies at the Univeristy of Heidelberg. She has been at IUWA since 2010 and is responsible for technical translation in the fields of economics and the environment.